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Frequently asked questions.

All about FireRaider

General Questions

Who developed it, where is it be use, what are its general features.

FireRaider has been developed by GRC Teknoloji – Türkiye

FireRaider; effectively extinguishes A, B, C, D, F class of fire.

Of course, you can. FireRaider can extinguish Magnesium which has high ignition and boiling temperatures. It will also be able to rapidly cool lithium batteries used in electric vehicles, which can burn at lower temperatures than magnesium.

You can use FireRaider in wildfires, offices, homes, industrial facilities.

All of the materials we use while producing FireRaider have Eco/Cosmos Cert. It has successfully passed the skin, eye irritation and acute oral toxicity tests.

All tests below were carried out in an accredited lab. according to TS EN ISO/IEC 17025:2017

Although FireRaider diluted at a maximum of 10% was used to extinguish the fire, the tests were carried out at 100% concentration.

OECD TG 404/OECD19/ISO 10993-12:2012 Skin Irritation test : Passed

OECD TG 406 In vivo Acute Eye Irritation test : Passed

OECD TG 423 Acute Oral Toxicite test

Fire Raider doesn’t leave any residue. So, it has no problem regarding cleaning.

Other Questions

Sales, partnership, investment

It is both new, environmentally friendly and, judging by its ability to extinguish any fire, it is not more expensive than existing fire extinguishers.

Exclusive partnership, Production partnership and, the possibility of investing is possible. We wish you to contact us include your detailed information along with company financial information, sales opportunities and investor information.

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